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Healthcare Data Integration and Consulting from PerfectByte
Healthcare Data Integration from PerfectByte
Healthcare Data Integration and Consulting from PerfectByte
PerfectByte can Bridge the Gap between your systems
Bridging The Gap
 Achieving interoperability involves much more than just Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It requires proper and appropriate implementation of standards, not just within the organization, but also throughout the extended enterprise. As Experts in the prevailing integration technologies, We provide our clients with flexible comprehensive and affordable ways to overcome the challenge of application integration.
Who we are
Our practice management systems and other related EDI software are in thousands of physician, dental and orthodontic practices across the U.S. and in several other countries. We were the original founders of MedWare  (now owned by SageHandshake Software) and we currently own PerfectByte ( We have decades of experience in the Healthcare business and our clients love us.
We can work with you to integrate your products in any EDI format along with customized formats and exchange types.
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Please contact us with any questions toll free 877.767.7007.

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