About the Company

Our practice management systems are in thousands of physician, dental and orthodontic practices across the U.S. and in several other countries. We were the original founders of Medware© (now owned by Sage Software) and we currently own PerfectByte (www.perfectbyte.com). We have decades of experience in the PM business and our clients love us. PerfectByte is committed to providing the most comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use practice management software available on the market today. With the experience of all three major healthcare markets (Orthodontic, Medical, and Dental), PerfectByte is able to provide a software and level of support that cannot be matched.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at 1.877.767.7007

About the Founders

Dan Wilder, Co-Founder
After retiring as a nuclear engineer in 1989, Dan was asked to write a basic medical billing package for a friend. 10 years and thousands of customers later he sold the highly successful healthcare practice management software company that he built to WebMD. Realizing his love for running a company, when the opportunity arose to take his experience and re-apply it to the Medical, Dental, and Orthodontic communities he jumped.

Rob Fizer, Co-Founder
Rob bought his first personal computer from a friend in 1991 for $90. From there he was hooked. After a short time in college as a Psychology major, he realized that his life would be forever revolving around computers, and changed his major to computer science. After college, he started as a technical support representative, moved into network administration/IT, and eventually into software application development. This led him to start his own software development company which provides custom applications specific to the healthcare industry. Having written over a thousand different applications unique to each healthcare office, he was the best choice to complement the talents of Dan.