Office Ally LogoOffice Ally offers electronic routing of claims. All electronic claims are FREE to the physician. Transmit all claims to one location. Submit claims electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Office Ally accepts electronic claims directly from POMIS Medical. Electronic claims are processed quicker and payments are received sooner. Electronic claims have a much lower rejection rate.
Gateway EDI LogoBy focusing more efforts on professional patient care, you can actually improve office revenue and productivity. Gateway EDI makes it possible. Our technology allows you to improve efficiency by automating key business functions. Plus, Gateway EDI technology is combined with the highest level of customer service in the nation. Our knowledgeable, accessible service truly sets us apart from other clearinghouses.
emdeon business services logo
Emdeon Business Services is the industry-leading electronic clearinghouse for dental insurance claims in the United States; processing over 72 million claims directly from dental offices in 50 states. Contact an Emdeon representative today to enroll 1-888-416-0673.
Julysoft LogoInphonite, formerly known as Julysoft helps healthcare professionals prevent appointment no-shows, bring patients back for important checkups, provide confidential lab test results 24/7, ease staff phone overload, and improve overall patient care, with the ReminderPro Patient Calling System and LabRetriever Lab Results Inquiry System.
Televox LogoHouseCalls contacts your clients by phone, text or email message on the day and time you choose and allows them to confirm their appointments. Each day your scheduling software compiles the upcoming appointment information and sends it via the Internet to our data centers, where the messages are automatically delivered. It’s that simple.
Kodak’s new digital radiography products combine the quality of Kodak with the speed of digital.
Orthodontic Imaging interface – Capture, Manipulate and print images and create letters using the VistaDent OC Digital Imaging package.
Seamless integration with PerfectByte. Launches VistaDent from inside the PerfectByte program. No need to enter patient information twice.

Three-dimensional data offers excellent diagnostic benefits. An increasing number of cutting edge diagnostic techniques are being developed to utilize this information. Dolphin 3D supports most cone beam and 3D camera systems. It is a powerful tool that makes processing and analyzing 3D data extremely easy.Seamless integration with PerfectByte. Launches Dolphin from inside the PerfectByte program. No need to enter patient information twice.
Dental xchange is the leading electronic dental clearinghouse in the market today.
With PerfectByte’s integration with the DentalXChange ClaimConnect service, your office has access to all insurance payers, streamlined claims processing enabling faster payments and improved claim management tools.
Video Dental Concepts LogoVideo Dental/RF America has been providing dentists across America with the latest in dental imaging technology for over fifteen years. We offer everything from intraoral cameras to digital X-Ray systems to computers to aid in the growth of your practice.
Dexis Imaging LogoDEXIS delivers innovative, high quality digital imaging solutions to the dental community. The DEXIS digital X-ray system, with its patented PerfectSize™ sensor and intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software, provides numerous benefits to you, your practice, and your patients. Please have a look around and see for yourself.
XDRXDR takes digital imaging to the next level it’s goal to make advanced computer-based technologies more accessible and clinically relevant to the dental practitioner.
Planmeca USA LogoPlanmeca Dimaxis 4.0 provides a convenient integration with Planmeca intraoral X-ray to further support smooth imaging workflow. The intraoral X-ray control panel automatically appears in image acquisition view and allows easy changing of imaging parameters and settings. The interface with PerfectByte allows a smooth workflow and practical integration of the practice information.
Gendex LogoGendex, a leader in dental X-ray equipment, has partnered with KaVo, a leader in providing hi-tech operatory and laboratory equipment, handpieces and small equipment to offer a complete portfolio of hi-tech equipment solutions for dental professionals.