Reduce client turnover by taking control of the Practice Management System

Who we are

Our practice management systems are in thousands of physician, dental and orthodontic practices across the U.S. and in several other countries. We were the original founders of MedWare (now owned by Sage Software) and we currently own PerfectByte ( We have decades of experience in the PMS business and our clients love us.

The Practice Management System

PerfectByte employees

(PMS) is the center of any medical practice and is the component that is least likely to be switched out. By having your name on the PMS and tying your other products to it, you will be less likely to lose your client to your competition. You will become more than just another vendor. Here is how the process works:

  1. For an initial setup fee of $7000 we will create a version of our highly respected PMS with your name and logo on it. We will provide access to sales materials and training videos for your sales staff.
  2. You set the price of your PMS to whatever you think is appealing to your customers, $0 – $10,000 plus the first year’s maintenance fee. We split the initial sale proceeds with you 50/50. At this point your work is done.
  3. We provide all development, technical support and updates to the clients with no effort on your part. We charge an annual maintenance fee to the client (invoiced by you or us) equal to 20% of the initial sale price or $1200, whichever is greater. You receive 20% of this fee every year, generating consistent recurring revenue for your company.

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Integration Options

We can work with you to integrate your products into the PMS as necessary. Submit the technical specifications to our developers for a cost estimate.

Other Options

A dedicated toll-free line that is answered with your company name, periodic newsletters and other client communications with your company logo, etc. are available options. For more information please call us at 877.767.7007.