Onsite training is available for your office, however, it is rarely needed. We have developed our software with ease of use in mind, and based upon the use and experience of thousands of clients. Our software is user driven, meaning it was developed based upon client input and direction.

  • One Day onsite Training $1750.00
  • Two Day onsite Training $3000.00

Online Training

We have the ability to remotely access your computer system and do training online remotely (for a fee) when necessary. Again, it is rarely needed, as the program is very easy to use, and major aspects of the program already have training videos created.

Training Videos

If you check the support section of our website for your specialty, you will find a collection of training videos that you can watch at your leisure which will familiarize you with the program and many of the different features and modules. There is no cost for these and they are available 24 hours a day via the web.